Saturday, July 17, 2010

175th Annivesary special assembly with H.E.President of Sri Lanka - I was lucky to be there!!!

Yesterday morning was the special assembly to celebrate the 175th Anniversary of my alma mater - Royal College (Or Sri Lanka's "ETON" as BBC says - )

Gracing the occassion was H.E.The President Mahinda Rajapakshe the opposition leader, ministers, MPs, Top Businessmen, Past & present teachers, Old boys - almost every one. I was fortunate to sit with His excellency "AYESH RAJAPAKSHE"..lolz and Hasitha Athawuda (Aaatha).

It was great to meet the old faces. From Parents of the Scrabble club - (Mrs.Yeheya - She still remembers the then Captain of Scrabble) to the EDEX crew - Malu and Lalith & many others - gr8 to meet you after a long time.

H.E spoke for a long time - many things quoted in papers on Sunday and even on TV and Radio - the famous forever opposition wish for a Royalist.

What touched me was when he said that - "We are a nation that went through hell(Abt the war), we learnt from it, We had to take an effort, use our brains to fight it. Likewise its good if a person has a problems. He has to use his brains or take efforts to come out of it"!!!

And many thanks going out to Kelum who kept my phone with him in Uni.of Colombo - since the invitiation card said not to bring cell phones due to security of President. But learnt that you can bring one in without any probs...Good learning for next time i go for a president function....Nevertheless, thank you Kelum again...

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