Saturday, July 31, 2010

Are women paid less in corporates?

My interest came from Business Today article (Originally Harvard Business Review) on women employees being afraid to negotiate salary on interviews. It said that they have this inferiority complex of disadvantage due to their sex on getting selected for a job.
Reality in Sri Lanka differs on the levels of employment. On executive and upper levels I haven't heard or do not know about such under payments. Even on middle level jobs they are paid even. For e.g. Secretarial or clerk.
In very down levels there maybe complications due to strength..etc.
In a conservative society like in Sri Lanka, one big concern in selecting females for employment is their safety and facility issues. I know one owner of an IT company who said "NO GIRL PLS.I DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH FACILITIES FOR YOU". And one of my cousins told me today how hard it was for her to come home after doing some extra work in office till 8PM on a Poya day. Guys do not have this safety issue and employers tend to under favor girls because of this. This two reasons might lead to underpayment if there are any.
Open for you to give your info and comment...

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