Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who is Sir Richard Branson?

I should thank my boss and my best friend for telling me about this awesome guy and lending me his book "Screw it,lets do it". The best Business book Ive ever ever read. After a few searches and subscribing to his Facebook page and Twitter accounts I learnt a lot about the coolest businessman in the world. In one of my lectures the dudes were asked about Sir Richard Branson, but only a handful ever knew about this genius and I thought of writing about him with some fun stuff.

Even though Screw it lets do it is not his biography, it tells a lot about his life. He's an average kid born in UK to a Judge dad and a brave mom. His mom had been one of the first ever female pilots it seems. When Richard was small his mother has given him small challenges like finding your way home from 10 Kms...etc that really made him "NOT AFRAID" (Any similarity to Eminems music should be ignored..LOL)

He had started a magazine called "STUDENT" when he was in high school and made it popular that all school students had wanted to buy it. he has managed the paper under lots of difficulties and has told his parents that his passion is STUDENT and not attending graduate school.

The student has had a music column which features about new artists and they have got letters with money asking for those records. Student magazine has started posting the records and earning profits by that. One month the UK Postal workers (JVP is everywhere) had stopped work and all record sending has been blocked.

Branson has thought - why dont we open a record store so we are not interrupted in Postal strikes? And that started the worlds famous record label - "VIRGIN RECORDS". The name VIRGIN is given because Bransons' friends have called themselves Virgins' in business (Nothing you imagined - VULGAR MINDS...:)

Coming up in my blog - What he did next? How much money he has now?
Wicked photos of Sir Richard branson. Bransons Books. Video of how people make fun out of Sir Richard Branson and much much more. Stay tuned.

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