Sunday, November 7, 2010

Megastar Debacle:What Judges(Dr.Mervin, Rosy, Shirly), Contestants (Ajith, Dayasiri, Paba, Suresh) & Swarnavahini(Kamal, Buddika) say...

Here's a summary of what the key people involved in Megastar has said (These were taken from media - true interviews)

Dr.Mervin Silva - Unfair show. Dayasiri should have been the winner. Some people tried to attack Swarnavahini cameras and other equipment and I had to get involved to solve that issue. Me and my guards could maintain peace after the show without using a single bullet. We can't let this kind of vandalism (Attacking Swarnavahini equipment) continue in Sri Lanka.

Rosy Senanayake - Dayasiri was selected by us to be the winner. Putting yourselves votes and winning is not true artistic.

Shirly Waijyantha - Even our expert selections had been downgraded by SMSs.

Ajith Weerasinghe (Winner businessman) - The most fair reality show ever. Should thank Swarnavahini. The people who messed the final came there for a lunch packet and a bottle of Arrack.

Dayasiri Jayasekara (Expected winner, but runners up) - Its better I didn't win. I got much better responses. My phone was off for 2 days. I still couldn't finish reading SMSs. Much worse things has happened to me in the past. So no big deal. It's all about money!

Suresh Gamage - Out of the finalists If I'm not the winner, it should be Dayasiri. If not both of us Paba. There is no one else. This is totally ridiculous.

Paba (Upeksha Swarnamali) - Dayasiri should have been the winner.

Kamal Addaraarachchi (Show host) - This is the nature of a reality show. Real talent do not win in SMS competitions.

Buddhika  Kulasekara (Show organizer) - Swarnavahini megastar was very well organized. I refrain from any further commenting.

Comment on what these people might have told if interviewed about the cha max finale
1. Mrs. Edirisinghe (Owner of Swarnavahini)
2. H.E.Mahinda Rajapakshe
3. You

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