Friday, November 19, 2010

What your email address says about you : New Facebook email

Facebook email is about to be activated and everyone I remember my first email address in yahoo created back in 2001-2002. I still use it. But the times were changing and I updated myself to use gmail and office email address. But how many of you really transformed with the new technology???

I have seen people still use hotmail or yahoo. I know people who use yahoo older version (Not the beta even). 

We all use our own email addresses ranging from Aol, Yahoo, gmail and office mails. It really says lot of things about you. I came across these awesome blog post transfered to article on what your email says about you.

Here is the funny article of what it really says about you. 

Following is the really cool chart of less awesome - to more awesome vs. your email. 

Having your own domain is really awesome and sounds super-dupa. You can get around a dozen emails your own web/blog (Competition for me) and all. If you want one let me know by emailing nnulk(at) (Come on bro - I made this in 1990s...LOL)  you can get it for very very cheap prices. 

Where will Facebook email fit in here? Feel free to comment.

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