Thursday, November 4, 2010

Market Segmentation Online 4 : What type of Internet time waster are you?

[This is the simplified version of an E-Marketing article I wrote for work blog. You can find the link in previous E-marketing posts]

All dudes and dudettes wasting their time online can be separated to 6 different parts based on the time you spend online & your activity. They are

  • Simplifiers - Use internet for a specific task like googling for some assignment, paying CIMA fees...etc
  • Surfers - Comes online to see whats new. For e.g."Who's in a relationship with whom"...etc.
  • Connectors - Comes online to connect with communities - Mainly the Facebookers. People who have FB as your home page
  • Bargainers - Comes online to find good deals. E.g. Whats cheapest in ODEL...etc
  • Routiners - Comes online primarily to read stuff (Like reading my blog)
  • Sportsters - Same like routiners, But comes online for Sports & Entertainment mainly - I know loads of people using internet primarily to visit cricinfo or which are sports & entertainment sites
Classification by time spent and other details given below

You know who you are than any of us. So vote in the poll, what category you are in?

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