Thursday, November 25, 2010

Prince William-Kate Middelton Royal wedding : Bishop suspended for Facebook comments

Many times i have warned my friends of what they post in Social networks. My article on Kevin Peterson getting banned for a Twitter update was so popular. Here's another one like that, again from UK.

A bishop who had put a comment meaning that the wedding wont last 7 years has been asked to withdraw from public service until further notice. Later he has apologized and there are efforts to bring him back.

He had been deeply critical of the media reception given to the Royal wedding. Following is some of his comments that was noted "deeply offensive" by church of England.

This will be a good lesson for all those who take Facebook lightly. It's no longer the fun site it used to be. Everyone is now present and active in Facebook from your work colleagues to your nearest Police cops to relatives. So thinking twice can save you from the trouble.

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