Monday, October 11, 2010

Student Thesis on guys she slept with goes viral in internet....

Photo of Karen Owen
It was hot news last week in US about this Duke University girl's thesis on her encounters. She named it - "An education beyond the classroom : Excelling in the realm of horizontal academics".

She has recorded all details and created a nice power point on 13 athletes she had it with. Including how, where, sizes and every detail. I don't know for what reason she emailed it to three of her friends. The friends have emailed to their friends and eventually it created a massive trend all over the world.

It started appearing in web sites (Even now you can read it) and everyone was talking about it. Her name "Karen Owen" and "Duke University" became one of the biggest search terms in google recently.

A slide from her powerpoint
This event had raised concerns about several factors

1. Relationships of modern day - How shallow they are.
She has done it purely for the sake of thesis. And sometimes in the University library. Can you imagine???

2. Women's sexual evolution
She had it wit hat least 13 and she publicized it. In Asia or in the past she could have been really ashamed. But see where the girls are heading to nowadays....LOL

3. Power of internet
She has apologized about it going viral. But what can she do now? Guys, Really be careful of what you post on Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or even Email. All small talks can go viral to become the next - big thing.

Would love your ideas on these 3 aspects or anything related to the event...


  1. nadheera ayya,
    is this blog antigirl..thing.. :)

  2. Look - I have posts on Politics, E-Marketing law suits and vrytng...
    srry nanga..I ddnt meant to hurt u...LOL...But i cudnt find ny guy who has recorded his experiences on a powerpoint & fwdd it 2 his friends...:)