Thursday, October 14, 2010

Winners and Losers in the Chile Miners Rescue Drama

70 Days of Drama is over. But the curtain closes with applause for some actors and rotten eggs for some. Read below for the real winners and losers of this saga

  • Chile workers Union leaders
Proved to the public how much risk miners take and the increase in payments justified.  A miner is paid something like $25,000 in Chile - best in latin america.
  • President of Chile 
Seeing the miners coming alive might have seen votes on his eyes. President of Chile Sebestian Pinera  is a billionaire who's trying to pass on a tax legislation which increases govt income on mines. Now he has green light for that with the massive popularity.

  • Codelco
The worlds largest copper producer and the owner of the mines got some free publicity by helping the rescue process. They lead the rescue proving that they can handle such a situation and remain in safe hands of the govt.

  • Chile Mining Regulators
Proved unprepared for an incident like this.
  • Small and Medium sized mine owners

Are now prohibited now because of the risk involved. Although the income might be less, this will be a blow to many pockets.
  • The mines owners - local company
Faced loads of complaints from public.Is now filing for bankruptcy. The families of miners have filed a case against the company asking $10 million while local prosecutors have filed criminal charges against owners.

Any other winners or losers?

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