Thursday, October 7, 2010

Why Facebook girls "like it in" different places?

She likes it on the floor
Another likes it on the bed
Another likes it on the couch
Another likes it on her desk
Some likes it on the bar stool
Many likes it in the car

But what is it???

You must have seen it on status these few days. The problem is that our guys go wild seeing something like this and comments.

It was day before yesterday when we started noticing the status of girls. Having gone thru the country code, bra colour code and other stupid initiatives by girls (Come on - why can't they stop being stupid...LOL) I knew its something stupid...

First saw it in my friend now living in Australia (Let's call her a senior - respect), and she was really proud to say "I like it on the floor in my room....". Dozens of ppl have commented - with some girls making it more boring by saying - i like it almost anywhere...

Then yesterday morning, I caught the same in my ex - co-workers status. She had - "i like it on the bed.. seriously :)". One of guys had commented - "Everyone likes it in bed" - And guys - "it" is not what they were talking about.  

They are putting the status telling where they like to keep their handbag or purse when they come home. But they intentionally omit "purse" or "handbag" to create curiosity. This is done as an exercise to celebrate the breast cancer awareness month (October) it seems.

Basically guys - Girls can't keep a secret for more than few hours. Another point is the futility of their exercise. Come on - Whats the relationship between Breast cancer and handbag or purse???...LOL

Girls, TRY to defend...LOL


  1. hehe. There is absolutely no relation between Breast cancer and purse. But do you think this spreading awareness thing would be noticed by any guy had it been not for these tag lines?

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    True.But whats the point in noticing by guys - bcz guys dnt get breast cancer - For e.g."I like it in my car" will easily draw the attention of guys and they will be really interested. But girls - just look at it & think "Ok.She's tryng to be a ........" & scroll down the FB home page feed....
    The whole campaign could have focused on girls.