Monday, October 4, 2010

Market Segmentation Online : 3. Segmentation Bases

Online marketing is typically the same as Traditional marketing in terms of the bases. Only exception is that there are numerous different bases that could be adopted in online marketing.

Segmenting bases are

1. Demographics
E.g.Age, Income, Gender, Education level, ethnicity

Following are some basic demographics on Linked - In
2. Geo-graphics
This is basically the segmentation by location.
E.g. City, Village, State, Country, Region..etc.
Google Analytics provides a very good tool with which you can even track the city of your site visitors (In Sri Lanka - Only Colombo and Kandy Possible, But in US hundreds of cities possible)
Given below are geographic data about Facebook users.

3. Psychographics
Activation, Interests, opinions, Personality, Values...etc.

4. Behaviour with respect to the Product
 Usage, Benefits sought, Brand loyalty, user status..etc.

Will be discussed in detail in the next E-Marketing post.

Apart from this basic bases, even combined bases like geo-demographics could be used.

Or as i said above numerous bases like "Budget" can be used.

These bases are specially important in Search Engine Optimization and online market research. For e.g. Check out how people visited social networking sites -

Next we shall discuss Market segmentation by behaviour in detail - The most important of the four bases.

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