Friday, October 1, 2010

Student claim - J'pura Vc sending 5 girls to Hospital : Different point of view

This is a follow up to my last week article on the public scam of "Student Union claiming the Vice Chancellor has sent 5 girls for Virginity test".

What J'pura VC trying to do is right, But his method is wrong...

After my article (Yes - totally because of the article) the Vice chancellor and director of the hospital spoke on national radio to say nothing like that happened.

Met a non-academic staff who has decades of experience in UNI. Having seen stuff, having experienced bad things he had a lot to say about the incident -

He straightly took the side of students on the following points
- There has been no complaints of rape or anything - so everything is happening under consent
- The girls are doing it with their lovers - so administration shouldnt interfere
- If administration stops it in University - they will have to go to rented rooms,.,etc which could mean pretty serious things

Only bad points he said was that the behaviour is inappropriate for staff and for other students, when it is done in public in inappropriate times.

Again he sympathized the students by saying it is because the SCI students go to Mgt faculty and Mgt and Arts comes to science so they dont know the staff and they do not know to respect. Other problem is time. If they can engage in stuff after working hours - it should be ok it seems.

But even he was upset abt people making this use for political motives.

The goal of a University student should be to study well and go out to contribute to their family and the society which paid for their education.

Words of wisdom - If you are doing it
Timing - Do it after working hours
Respect the people around you - If they want to see that kind of stuff they can always buy...LOL

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