Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What J'pura VC trying to do is right, But his method is wrong...

Once again Japura is under controversy. If you have read Sunday Leader last week or seen Swarnavahini last couple of days, you already know the story. For the others I will summarize what has happened -

Vice Chancellor’s Love Phobia Causes Uproar In Sri Jayewardenepura University | The Sunday Leader
Students of the Sri Jayewardenepura University claim that the Vice Chancellor, N. L. A. Karunaratne sent six girls for a virginity test. They say that the Vice Chancellor’s phobias are making their campus life miserable. “The girls were talking to boys on August 25 at about 6.30 p.m. as it often ha...

The article is based on Udul Premarathne's words and we all know what he stands for. So i urge you to learn more through reliable channels.

The Vice Chancellor of the University had been taking precautions against couples making "love" in the University premises in the evening. First he was seen sending circulars asking students not to stay after 6PM, prohibiting certain famous corridors like "BARANASA"...etc. Latest had been him sending 6 girls for virginity test on August 25 which caused the uproar in media.

All those who knows about the University culture knows what happens in the evenings. I know certain girls who were advised by their relations not to get in to University affairs because of this bad image. Following is an extract from a comment of a father (From Sunday leader - Sorry i could not take permission)

විශ්ව විද්‍යාල තුළ සිදුවන මෙවැනි වැඩ කිඩ නිසා මගේ දියණියව කිසි දිනක සරසවියට නොයවන බව දැනුම් තේරුම් ඇති කාලයේ සිට ඇයට මම වරින් වර පැවසුවෙමි.එහෙත් වෙනත් මාර්ග වලින් ඇයට උසස් අධ්‍යාපනය ලබා දීමට මම පසු බට නොවීමි.
A Father

Firstly his intention is making University a respectable place. If something bad happens like a student getting pregnant - you will start blaming the Vice Chancellor more than this. His intention is highly acceptable.

But the method of achieving his intention is not acceptable. University students are the cream of the intellectuals and no one can be stopped by using force. Instead he could have educated the children about the bad image, health concerns...etc. And we can strategically address the causes by looking at them psychologically 

For e.g the causes for such bad acts might be due to

1. Culture of students backgrounds
Mainly family backgrounds and the cultures exposed to. Very hard to address. Attitude change is necessary. Could be done during the orientation period.

2. Lack of entertainment options and lack of taste
Students could be directed to engage more in Aesthetic and extra-curricular activities. And recognizing such talents will help them.  

3. Lack of work
This is the main reason for many student wrong doings in most Universities. For e.g. Arts students have very less amount of lectures. And they are not compulsory to attend.  So the should find something to attend to. And if the students are not directed to some worthwhile activities they are directed to politics and above mentioned bad avenues. 

This is my view as an alumni who loves the name of the University for what it has made me. You are mostly welcome to comment on your point of view.


  1. I heard a news about virginity test in Africa.I can't immagine it also happened in Sri Lanka.And I can't see any reason for the test.So acts like sex before marriage is against the religion?But why the uni have the right to check and punish them?I just can't understand.And since these people want to make love,they don't want to follow the rule of the religion,can't they quit?And this is human nature.Nobody can push people to follow a certain rule in the same way.If they want to,that's their choices.The only thing that should be informed is how to do the birth-control,isn't it? -Cynthia

  2. Hi Cynthia - nice to hear from you..Srry for takng long to reply in blogger - tho i replied in FB...
    Evn i tnk its bad...But making luv in public places is a concern...And as you said he cudve given them sm knowledge on contraception dan testing them...etc...
    BTW- Today the director of Hospital said - nothing like that can happen.They test only if police or courts orders...Its all a political story it seems...BTW thnx for ur concern and comment...We miss you so much...