Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joke in Hindi movie "I hate Luv Storys" copied 100% from American sitcom "How I met your mother""

For those who are new to any of the two, let me introduce
"How I met your mother" is one of the most successful TV series in 21st century. The basic plot is about "Ted" - a father telling his two children how he met their mother. The story goes on about the father's young days with 4 of his best friends Robin, Lily, Marshall & the most famous Barney. Having gone through 5 seasons, more than 100 episodes Ted has still not met his wife...(Anybody with a better summary pls comment...)

"I hate luv storys" is a Hindi film about a guy who do not believe in love. And how he falls in love with the exactly opposite, romantic girl. i pointed out 3 very very similar scenes - 100% copied out from HIMYM.

Yesterday I could think of only three - here's another...

In HIMYM - Its a joke about Ted - Barney says Ted is Pregnant Robin adds "Can't be...To get Pregnant Ted should have sex".

In IHLS it is the same only characters different. Kunal says J is pregnant and Veer says - (READ BELOW - IN SUBTITLES)

My Indian friend suggested that the positive side of copying is the general ppl who do not watch HIMYM - Gets to know the AWESOMENESS...

What do you think???

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  1. ya i too felt that way.. btw which 3 scenes are talkin? you have not given the link or video? what type of article is this? :P