Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I hate luv storys Hindi Movie copies from How I met your mother - American sitcom

Most of the people who have seen both - totally agrees...

Following are clear copies examples...

Hot-Crazy scale from HIMYM copied to I hate Luv storys

At least they could have changed the graph. Its called manners...LOL

Introducing yourself as someone else to pick up a girl
In HIMYM - Barney introduces himself as an Architect, actually it is Ted who is an Architect (in Episode 04 - Ted Mosby the Architect, Season 2)

In I Hate Luv Storys J introduces himself as an Investment Banker (Actually Raj is anthe Investment Banker)

Barney's "Look here" copied in a very stupid way by Veer in I Hate Luv Storys

What I got to know from my friends in India is that "How I met your Mother" is unbelievably famous in India - In fact I got two seasons from my Indian friends (Thank you again BTW...LOL).

But is this fair??? Isnt this copying some ones knowledge assets??? Feel free to comment...


  1. hehe yea true. Fix your formating u lazy ass

  2. Formatting - done...Thnx for the point of improvement Mr.Delivernance...Ane palayan ban yanna...LOL