Friday, September 24, 2010

Common myths about Bandarawela

I recently went on a trip to Hill country. And happened to go through Bandarawela. While in Bandarawela, we wanted some stuff to play cricket. And I remembered one of my dearest friends and gave a call. 

I was told about some geeks who are humiliating Bandarawela spreading myth about the awesome city.

Well - I was not provided with anything to play cricket as i wanted, but I ahd to end up writing the following...

Common myths about Bandarawela

1. Bandarawela is ඩොටේ. (Dotè = in Sinhalese means too far...LOL)
Somewhat true. Following is quoted from Wikipedia

"Bandarawela is 210 km away from Colombo and about 150 km away from Kandy, Colombo and Kandy being two major cities in Sri Lanka. Both roads and railway transportation are available to reach the area. "

I'm sure the guy was paid by someone to write that second sentence.LOL

2. Elephants crosses the road in Bandarawela
False. This is a total insult coming from someone living near "අලිමංකඩ යනව කියල පාමංකඩ යන" (Pamankada.)

3. Bandarawela cargills is one of the oldest in Sri Lanka.
Heard it a lot of times. And Cargills - Bandarawela really looks like old. Could not find facts. Someone please verify.

4. Bandarawela cargills dont have FLORA tissues sachet packet.

5. Bandarwela girls are fairer.
Partially true. This goes with the fact that girls in hill country are fairer. Following is Sri Lanka map with fairness of girls.

Geez - I learnt new stuff in ADOBE fireworks through this. "W" is magic wand, "G" for paint bucket.LOL.

6. Only Sudda's (British) lived in Bandarawela in 18-19th century (Colonial era)
Partially true. Biritsh really lived - thats why places like Adisham Bangalow are remaining. But if british rulers lived there has to be locals living.
(Thinking to myself) Wait a sec - Did she try to imply that current Bandarawela people descend from British???

7. Bandarawela weather is soothing
True. Tired of hot weather in Colombo? Its hot even when it rains outside. Ever felt too cold in Nuwareliya??? Its freezing and you don't want to go out. Bandarawela is the ideal weather. Following math equation shows how cool Bandarawela is

Bandarawela weather = (Colombo weather+Nuwaeliya Weather) / 2

8. Im writing this under the infleunce of someone from Bandarawela.
Total myth. This is unbiased, independent view of the blogger, unaffected by any citizens from Bandarawela.

9. There's lot to see in Bandarawela
True. Rawana Ella (131 ft in height) and Diyaluma (628 ft in height) are the most beautiful waterfalls in this area. Rawana Ella is situated on the Ella, Wellawaya main road and Diyaluma situated near the Koslanda village. Adisham Bungalow, Bandarawela Hotel and Lipton's Seats are other historic places in Bandarawela area.

10. Bandarawela traffic police is very rude
True. Exception - 1. If you dont park on the road 2. If you dont try to find some ppl lost in the city. 3. If you dont try a U turn.

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