Monday, September 13, 2010

How to upload photos to Facebook faster

I was on a trip when my czn complained about uploading photos to Facebook taking ages. I thought of writing this to help all ppl like that. 

When you talk to not-so-hi-tech friends you feel like how much sharing a small thing you know can help their life in the internet. Have seen many ppl with a hi-fi digital camera, struggling to upload their photos to Facebook. The reason is that good digital cameras produce photos with very heavy sizes like 2MB-5MB.

Come on bro. Whats wrong with 5MB photos?
Just right click on a Photo in Facebook and click on "save as" and go to the properties of the saved image and see the size - its only like 40-50KB. So why would you need to upload a file of 5MB if it finally gets reduced to 50KB. (The size indicates how much detailed the picture is - For e.g.a 5MB file can show a pimple on your face on full screen but a 50KB file will show it as a small dot - NOW DONT GO AND SQUEEZE YOUR PIMPLE. - What??? OK. YOU DO NOT HAVE 

Why would heavy files take like ages to upload?
Lets say you have ADSL - then your internet connection can transfer about 200KB per second. (yes SLT will say 512KB/per second - but actually it is slow bcz dr r too many users sharing it - JUST LIKE ALL GOVT.
To upload a 5MB photo you need abt 30 seconds.
To upload an album of 30 photos you need 15 minutes.
But to upload 30 photos of 50KB - you need only like 10 seconds.

What you have to do is to compress the photos to an appropriate size while keeping the quality. Here are the steps - I recommend every one to try this out at least once so you can save time whenever you upload photos. Follow the written steps - look at screen shots only to find where the clicks are.

1.  Copy all the photos you want to upload to a separate folder.
If the photos are in a folder - You can do this by pressing CTRL and dragging the folder.
Why do this - You need to backup your photos before reducing size. Because once they are  reduced it will not be suitable for printing and other purposes.

2. Open one photo with Office picture Manager.
Right click on one photo and click on - open with Microsoft office picture manager.

3. Go to edit pictures box
With this you can edit photos like compressing, cropping,changing brightness, rotating..etc.

4.Select all pictures.
Click on thumbnail view and click on CTRL+A or edit-select all option.

5. Go to compress pictures option

6. Select compression size.
There are four options available.
1. Document size - Reduced to about 200-300KB.
2. Web size - Reduces to about 50-70KB
3. Email size - Reduce to about 5-10KB.

To upload to FB i recommend document size because it keeps quality high. But if you want faster uploading and less internet bill - use web size. One of my recent albums are from web size and they look absolutely fine.

7. Click on "OK"

8. Click on File-Save all

9. Upload to FB


1. Thnx ayya - for the nice flower photos taken at Adisham Bungalow - ive used them to demonstrate - bcz using our faces will drive the focus away...LOL
2. It wont upload in seconds but will be faster.

Please post your questions by commenting here - so we can all learn here. Or FB msg or email me at - for any clarifications.

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  1. Machan it'z 512 kbps in ADSL
    not 512 KBps
    B=Byte=8 bits (b)