Monday, September 20, 2010

Kites(2010) not just a movie - But a turning point of Bollywood

Kites - opened last May 2010 is an out of the way Bollywood movie with the story totally based on Americas (US & Mexico). Kites had a second release - an international version of the movie called Kites - Remix by Brett Ratner of RUSH HOUR fame.

The plot features Indian - Mr.J (Hirthik) falling in a love triangle with Natasha (Barbora Moli) - a Mexican girl  and Gina - daughter of a Las-Vegas casino owner which explicitly changes the flight of their kites. It's a great action loaded, romantic movie. The best action I've seen from Bollywood. 

Note the clear differences in Kites than in typical Hindi movies.
  • Language - Kites is mostly English and Spanish. With little Hindi. This has never been the case of even "New York" and "My Name Is Khan". Hindi movie goers do not like subtitles.
  • Length - This is only 130 mins (2hrs and 10 mins). An average Hindi movie turn out for more than 3 hrs.
  • Songs - Background music used in Kites. Usual Hindi movie pauses for the song - Everyone stops their roles in city and take part in a dance on a mountain top...LOL

Similarities can be the romantic & sensitive story that runs from the beginning to the end with silky dialogs. And not forgetting the stupid-unrealistic-dreamy scenes. Like the casino owner billionaire daughter breaking in to your apartment to tell "I love you" and hi-jacking a truck to bump in to an Indian who knows Mexican...LOL

Sources says that Anil Ambani - the owner of movie - Reliance Big pictures owner recruited the Kites International director Bret Ratner (RUSH HOUR) to cut it to look more Hollywood than Bollywood - to attract expensive crowds.

Here's what Ratner has told in an interview - 
The original is “long and has a lot of dancing and extra stuff. It’s Bollywood and it works for that audience,” Ratner said in a telephone interview. “I just streamlined it and stuck with the love story, which works so well.”

In the end - Kites Remix (The International version) did so well in the west than in India.  “Kites,” took in almost $1 million during the weekend to become the first Bollywood movie to open in the top 10 in the U.S. and Canada.

The film, introduced in 207 theaters, had sales of $958,673, Billionaire Anil Ambani’s Reliance said in a statement that no other Indian film has opened in the top 10.

Reliance Big Pictures is expanding its U.S. presence. Last year, the company brought a equity stake stake of $325 million in Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios.

Over the years we saw Indian movie based on West like KANK, Kal Ho Na Ho, New York and My Name is Khan. But Kites is more Hollywood than Bollywood. That's why Kites is not just a movie - But a turning point in Bollywood film industry.  

This can be seen another market expansion of India looking out for more and more wealth targeting richer economies. But have they disappointed their home crowd? Are they forgetting their roots in Bollywood??? 

If Bollywood film industry is the kite - Men like Anil Ambhani who's holding the Strings should answer...

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