Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interesting statistics - Sri Lanka male/female ratios by age

One of my closest friends from Uni.of Mora (Chick indeed...LOL) is bringing in an argument that bro/chick ratio of an entity is effected by the Sri Lanka Male/Female ratio.

Dude - This is ridiculous. They are totally different because bro.s and chicks are a different age segment. You can understand it by the names - bro.s and chick. You don't call chick to your 4 year old sister and you dont call chick to the 80 year old granny. You do not call bro to your 60 year old professor...LOL

Now if you analyse the statistics of ages 15-30 the ratio is like 50:50 proving that bro/chick ratio is independent of the Male/Female ratio in the country. 

I've drawn lines so you can estimate the populations. They are

So the final ratio is like 50.5:49.5 which gives a totally different idea to 49:51 total population ratio. This depicts that Bro/chick ratio is independent of the Total population male/female ratio. 

Ms.Harini Sirisena - I welcome you to the "comment" stage (I bow down like at the end of some Shakes drama & leave the stage...LOL)

N.B (Like old times...LOL)- I really posted the previous for fun - But the feedback was really serious & cool. (Im sorry my friend from a different UNI who wanted me to update his UNI bro/chick ratio - I will do). Plus the research learning from this one was superb. - Thnx everyone who commented and gave feedback.


  1. Geeze! You are 'jobless'!:P Or is some guy paying you to do all this 'research'??

    Ok. watever. I'm not into FB fights or any such thing so will let the matter rest. I just happen to drop in on FB once every few light years and make some stinging comments on other people's 'lame' notes:P Point is, you never know who will be reading your FB posts. So be more careful if you don't want your 'nice guy' reputation totally ruined!:P I'm giving you a 50% nice and 50% evil rating right now:P

  2. Well. Thnx for your rating on a scale of 100. And I simply love research - look at all other posts most containing some data - Well. How shall i put it - Im a humble student of Statistics who luv numbers...
    BTW - nyways thnx harini for d interest in the article.