Thursday, September 30, 2010

E Marketing 7 : Market Segmentation Online 2 : Business, Govt.,Consumer web site examples

Here are the example web sites of three basic markets Business, Consumers and governments engaging in business online.

Please suggest Sri Lankan examples if you know.

Most of the business happens in C2C because no.of consumers are higher. But a better volume of business happens in B2B where all businesses are connected to the internet.

Interesting fact to note about Sri Lankan govt - One of the best Social media usages is seen in National Water Supply and Drainage board -

Will you believe that they maintain a facebook group that is constantly updated with the water cuts in Sri Lanka???

And they encourage E-Business by asking the consumers to pay water bills online (Read above)

Next in E-Marketing we will discuss how to market segment online - very important topic...

Girls like to call themselves crazy - But are they hot enough?

Recently came across this Facebook group of a bunch of girls calling themselves crazy. We often get confused as to what degree they are crazy. If not for Sir Barnabas Stinson we will all be joining that FB group. 

But thanks to the HOT-CRAZY scale in his Bro Code - we know that a girl can be crazy, if and only if she's equally hot...LOL.

Article 86: When a Bro meets a chick, he shall endeavor to find out where she fits on the Hot/Crazy Scale before pursuing her.
The theory of evolution alleges that men evolved from monkeys . . . but what about women? It seems that as men became less hairy, more upright, and less interested in throwing their own poo, women became more attractive but somehow more crazy.
Today’s chicks like to straddle the line between hot and crazy: the hotter they are, the crazier they are: the crazier they are, the hotter they seem. All of this is confusing to a Bro and, very often, dangerous. How is a Bro to know whether a chick is hot and crazy in a “let’s duck into the bathroom” kind of way, or hot and crazy in a “let’s huff paint and stalk your ex-girlfriends” kind of way?
Fortunately, I’ve devised a test that allows Bros to quickly determine where a chick fits on the Hot/Crazy Scale. Answer yes or no to each question in the columns, add up your “yes” answers, and then plot the coordinates on the Hot/Crazy Scale. Ideally, your chick is right on the line, but if she’s anywhere above it, run away.

Crazy girls - Find out where you fit on the scale...Guys - Analyse...

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Joke in Hindi movie "I hate Luv Storys" copied 100% from American sitcom "How I met your mother""

For those who are new to any of the two, let me introduce
"How I met your mother" is one of the most successful TV series in 21st century. The basic plot is about "Ted" - a father telling his two children how he met their mother. The story goes on about the father's young days with 4 of his best friends Robin, Lily, Marshall & the most famous Barney. Having gone through 5 seasons, more than 100 episodes Ted has still not met his wife...(Anybody with a better summary pls comment...)

"I hate luv storys" is a Hindi film about a guy who do not believe in love. And how he falls in love with the exactly opposite, romantic girl. i pointed out 3 very very similar scenes - 100% copied out from HIMYM.

Yesterday I could think of only three - here's another...

In HIMYM - Its a joke about Ted - Barney says Ted is Pregnant Robin adds "Can't be...To get Pregnant Ted should have sex".

In IHLS it is the same only characters different. Kunal says J is pregnant and Veer says - (READ BELOW - IN SUBTITLES)

My Indian friend suggested that the positive side of copying is the general ppl who do not watch HIMYM - Gets to know the AWESOMENESS...

What do you think???

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I hate luv storys Hindi Movie copies from How I met your mother - American sitcom

Most of the people who have seen both - totally agrees...

Following are clear copies examples...

Hot-Crazy scale from HIMYM copied to I hate Luv storys

At least they could have changed the graph. Its called manners...LOL

Introducing yourself as someone else to pick up a girl
In HIMYM - Barney introduces himself as an Architect, actually it is Ted who is an Architect (in Episode 04 - Ted Mosby the Architect, Season 2)

In I Hate Luv Storys J introduces himself as an Investment Banker (Actually Raj is anthe Investment Banker)

Barney's "Look here" copied in a very stupid way by Veer in I Hate Luv Storys

What I got to know from my friends in India is that "How I met your Mother" is unbelievably famous in India - In fact I got two seasons from my Indian friends (Thank you again BTW...LOL).

But is this fair??? Isnt this copying some ones knowledge assets??? Feel free to comment...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hokandara Murder Case - Summary

Following are extracts about the Hokandara Murder case discussed in the Law lecture,

Here is a summary of the events
1999 February 10 - Mass Murder takes place
1999 June 29 - Court starts trials
2000 November 17 - Death sentence given

its pretty interesting to notice the words we learnt being used in the paper articles.

Hokandara trial: June 29 - On Sunday Times 20th June 1999

The trial-at-bar in the Hokandara murder case which shocked the country will begin on June 29, with the fourth accused still absconding, an official of the Attorney General Department said yesterday.
Twenty-four charges including murder, conspiracy to commit murder, rape and robbery, have been filed against the four accused in the case involving the massacre of a family of six, State Counsel Sarath Jayamanne said.
With no witnesses coming forward, the accused were identified by DNA testing of blood samples found at the site. This was the first time this modern process was used in Sri Lanka for a criminal investigation.
The bench will comprise High Court Judges Raja Fernando, Gamini Amaratunga and Gamini Abeyratne.

SC affirms death sentence - Daily News 22nd Nov 2004

by Wasantha Ramanayake

The Bench of five Supreme Court Judges dismissing the appeal in the Hokandara Murder Case affirmed the conviction and the sentence imposed on the four accused-appellants by the Trial-at- Bar.

The Trial-at-Bar convicted and were sentenced to death three accused-appellant in connection with the murder of the five members of the same family in Hokandara on February 10, 1999. They were acquitted of the murder charge in connection with the sixth member, the son of the family.

The Special Bench comprised Justices Dr. (Mrs.) Shirani A. Bandaranayake, H. S. Yapa, T. B. Weerasuriya, Nihal Jayasinghe and N. K. Udalagama.

The delivering unanimous Judgment agreed by the rest of the Bench, Justice Dr. Badaranayake observed that the sentence with respect to the fourth accused-appellant could not be mitigated due to the serious nature of the crime.

She observed," fourth respondent in my view was involved in the commission of the offence which was of a serious nature and I don't see any reason for mitigation of his sentence."

According to the judgement the fourth appellant found guilty and was convicted for committing the offence of gang rape. The first accused appellant was an employee of the father of the fourth accused-appellant.

The court observed that fourth accused could have prevented the rape by the accused if he was so desired considering his master-servant relationship with the first accused-appellant.

She further observed that "the fourth respondents supportive presence undoubtedly amounted to intentional aiding and in such circumstances he could not be treated as person who was only an innocent observer of the incident of sexual abuse on a hapless victim, although he was a first offender".

The counsel contended that his client could not be convicted of the charge of gang rape since there had been evidence to support neither he committed the offence nor aided and abetted it. He further submitted that the mere presence would not be a reason to convict him for an uncommitted offence.

He contended that the court in case of the dismissal of the appeal should mitigate the sentence since the fourth accused-appellant had been 17 years old, his education had been ruined he had no previous convictions. He contended that it was inappropriate to impose the maximum sentence prescribed by law for a first offender.

Accused-appellants H. E. Menaka Sanjeewa, K. J. S. Sri Nandana, S. A. Mahinda Siriwardane and H. P. Gayan Suranga cited the Attorney General as the respondent.

They appealed against the conviction and the death sentence by the Trial-at-Bar dated November 17, 2000. 1-3 accused were found guilty of committing the murders on six persons of the same family i.e. the farther, mother, three daughters and the son on February 10, 1999 and were further sentenced to total of 30 years RI on the counts of robbery and gang rape. The fourth accused were sentenced to 20 years RI on the charge of gang rape.

Shyamal Collure appeared for the first accused. Barana Perera with Prabha Perera appeared for the second and third accused. Rienzie Arseculeratne PC appeared for the forth respondent.

Solicitor General C. R. de Silva PC, Senior State Counsel Sarath Jayamanna and State Counsel Ms Harippriya Jaysundara appeared for the Attorney General.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Common myths about Bandarawela

I recently went on a trip to Hill country. And happened to go through Bandarawela. While in Bandarawela, we wanted some stuff to play cricket. And I remembered one of my dearest friends and gave a call. 

I was told about some geeks who are humiliating Bandarawela spreading myth about the awesome city.

Well - I was not provided with anything to play cricket as i wanted, but I ahd to end up writing the following...

Common myths about Bandarawela

1. Bandarawela is ඩොටේ. (Dotè = in Sinhalese means too far...LOL)
Somewhat true. Following is quoted from Wikipedia

"Bandarawela is 210 km away from Colombo and about 150 km away from Kandy, Colombo and Kandy being two major cities in Sri Lanka. Both roads and railway transportation are available to reach the area. "

I'm sure the guy was paid by someone to write that second sentence.LOL

2. Elephants crosses the road in Bandarawela
False. This is a total insult coming from someone living near "අලිමංකඩ යනව කියල පාමංකඩ යන" (Pamankada.)

3. Bandarawela cargills is one of the oldest in Sri Lanka.
Heard it a lot of times. And Cargills - Bandarawela really looks like old. Could not find facts. Someone please verify.

4. Bandarawela cargills dont have FLORA tissues sachet packet.

5. Bandarwela girls are fairer.
Partially true. This goes with the fact that girls in hill country are fairer. Following is Sri Lanka map with fairness of girls.

Geez - I learnt new stuff in ADOBE fireworks through this. "W" is magic wand, "G" for paint bucket.LOL.

6. Only Sudda's (British) lived in Bandarawela in 18-19th century (Colonial era)
Partially true. Biritsh really lived - thats why places like Adisham Bangalow are remaining. But if british rulers lived there has to be locals living.
(Thinking to myself) Wait a sec - Did she try to imply that current Bandarawela people descend from British???

7. Bandarawela weather is soothing
True. Tired of hot weather in Colombo? Its hot even when it rains outside. Ever felt too cold in Nuwareliya??? Its freezing and you don't want to go out. Bandarawela is the ideal weather. Following math equation shows how cool Bandarawela is

Bandarawela weather = (Colombo weather+Nuwaeliya Weather) / 2

8. Im writing this under the infleunce of someone from Bandarawela.
Total myth. This is unbiased, independent view of the blogger, unaffected by any citizens from Bandarawela.

9. There's lot to see in Bandarawela
True. Rawana Ella (131 ft in height) and Diyaluma (628 ft in height) are the most beautiful waterfalls in this area. Rawana Ella is situated on the Ella, Wellawaya main road and Diyaluma situated near the Koslanda village. Adisham Bungalow, Bandarawela Hotel and Lipton's Seats are other historic places in Bandarawela area.

10. Bandarawela traffic police is very rude
True. Exception - 1. If you dont park on the road 2. If you dont try to find some ppl lost in the city. 3. If you dont try a U turn.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

E Marketing 6 : Market Segmentation Online : 1.Basic Markets

There are two tiers of marketing strategy 1. Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning or STP Marketing. Second is 4Ps with CRM strategy (We will discuss in the future.) Segmenting is the first of those 1st tier strategies.

Lets discuss online market segmentation.
First post about segmenting is about the three basic markets that both sell and buy to each other. They are Businesses, Governments and consumers.

1. Business Market
Contains the businesses and institutions. In the most biggest market in internet because many firms are present online than consumers. This is why B2B activity online is only second to B2C.
For e.g.
1. DHL - maintains a database of its' corporate clients. And the clients can login to their companies account and see where their package is.
2. A web designing company will directly target the Business Market. 

2. Government Market
This is applicable to many developed countries, where governments purchase online. Not very much applicable to Sri Lanka yet. But take a country like US - US govt. is the worlds largest buyer of goods and service (
But businesses willing to target govt market will have unique challenges like rules,paperwork..etc.

Joke - Knowing someone with surname "Rajapakshe" can be of help in Sri Lanka, Still you have to be careful with govt, since we all know about what happened to Hi-Corp deal.

3. Consumer Market
Is the biggest ever market. And the market potential is unlimited. Majority of products target this market for its capacity. The success stories of online marketing directed at consumers are Amazon, Ebay, 1-800 Flowers and Kapruka, and gossiplankanews.

We will next talk about examples to all these three markets selling to each other. i.e. B2B, B2C, B2G, C2B, C2G, C2C - so on and so forth examples.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What J'pura VC trying to do is right, But his method is wrong...

Once again Japura is under controversy. If you have read Sunday Leader last week or seen Swarnavahini last couple of days, you already know the story. For the others I will summarize what has happened -

Vice Chancellor’s Love Phobia Causes Uproar In Sri Jayewardenepura University | The Sunday Leader
Students of the Sri Jayewardenepura University claim that the Vice Chancellor, N. L. A. Karunaratne sent six girls for a virginity test. They say that the Vice Chancellor’s phobias are making their campus life miserable. “The girls were talking to boys on August 25 at about 6.30 p.m. as it often ha...

The article is based on Udul Premarathne's words and we all know what he stands for. So i urge you to learn more through reliable channels.

The Vice Chancellor of the University had been taking precautions against couples making "love" in the University premises in the evening. First he was seen sending circulars asking students not to stay after 6PM, prohibiting certain famous corridors like "BARANASA"...etc. Latest had been him sending 6 girls for virginity test on August 25 which caused the uproar in media.

All those who knows about the University culture knows what happens in the evenings. I know certain girls who were advised by their relations not to get in to University affairs because of this bad image. Following is an extract from a comment of a father (From Sunday leader - Sorry i could not take permission)

විශ්ව විද්‍යාල තුළ සිදුවන මෙවැනි වැඩ කිඩ නිසා මගේ දියණියව කිසි දිනක සරසවියට නොයවන බව දැනුම් තේරුම් ඇති කාලයේ සිට ඇයට මම වරින් වර පැවසුවෙමි.එහෙත් වෙනත් මාර්ග වලින් ඇයට උසස් අධ්‍යාපනය ලබා දීමට මම පසු බට නොවීමි.
A Father

Firstly his intention is making University a respectable place. If something bad happens like a student getting pregnant - you will start blaming the Vice Chancellor more than this. His intention is highly acceptable.

But the method of achieving his intention is not acceptable. University students are the cream of the intellectuals and no one can be stopped by using force. Instead he could have educated the children about the bad image, health concerns...etc. And we can strategically address the causes by looking at them psychologically 

For e.g the causes for such bad acts might be due to

1. Culture of students backgrounds
Mainly family backgrounds and the cultures exposed to. Very hard to address. Attitude change is necessary. Could be done during the orientation period.

2. Lack of entertainment options and lack of taste
Students could be directed to engage more in Aesthetic and extra-curricular activities. And recognizing such talents will help them.  

3. Lack of work
This is the main reason for many student wrong doings in most Universities. For e.g. Arts students have very less amount of lectures. And they are not compulsory to attend.  So the should find something to attend to. And if the students are not directed to some worthwhile activities they are directed to politics and above mentioned bad avenues. 

This is my view as an alumni who loves the name of the University for what it has made me. You are mostly welcome to comment on your point of view.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Kites(2010) not just a movie - But a turning point of Bollywood

Kites - opened last May 2010 is an out of the way Bollywood movie with the story totally based on Americas (US & Mexico). Kites had a second release - an international version of the movie called Kites - Remix by Brett Ratner of RUSH HOUR fame.

The plot features Indian - Mr.J (Hirthik) falling in a love triangle with Natasha (Barbora Moli) - a Mexican girl  and Gina - daughter of a Las-Vegas casino owner which explicitly changes the flight of their kites. It's a great action loaded, romantic movie. The best action I've seen from Bollywood. 

Note the clear differences in Kites than in typical Hindi movies.
  • Language - Kites is mostly English and Spanish. With little Hindi. This has never been the case of even "New York" and "My Name Is Khan". Hindi movie goers do not like subtitles.
  • Length - This is only 130 mins (2hrs and 10 mins). An average Hindi movie turn out for more than 3 hrs.
  • Songs - Background music used in Kites. Usual Hindi movie pauses for the song - Everyone stops their roles in city and take part in a dance on a mountain top...LOL

Similarities can be the romantic & sensitive story that runs from the beginning to the end with silky dialogs. And not forgetting the stupid-unrealistic-dreamy scenes. Like the casino owner billionaire daughter breaking in to your apartment to tell "I love you" and hi-jacking a truck to bump in to an Indian who knows Mexican...LOL

Sources says that Anil Ambani - the owner of movie - Reliance Big pictures owner recruited the Kites International director Bret Ratner (RUSH HOUR) to cut it to look more Hollywood than Bollywood - to attract expensive crowds.

Here's what Ratner has told in an interview - 
The original is “long and has a lot of dancing and extra stuff. It’s Bollywood and it works for that audience,” Ratner said in a telephone interview. “I just streamlined it and stuck with the love story, which works so well.”

In the end - Kites Remix (The International version) did so well in the west than in India.  “Kites,” took in almost $1 million during the weekend to become the first Bollywood movie to open in the top 10 in the U.S. and Canada.

The film, introduced in 207 theaters, had sales of $958,673, Billionaire Anil Ambani’s Reliance said in a statement that no other Indian film has opened in the top 10.

Reliance Big Pictures is expanding its U.S. presence. Last year, the company brought a equity stake stake of $325 million in Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks Studios.

Over the years we saw Indian movie based on West like KANK, Kal Ho Na Ho, New York and My Name is Khan. But Kites is more Hollywood than Bollywood. That's why Kites is not just a movie - But a turning point in Bollywood film industry.  

This can be seen another market expansion of India looking out for more and more wealth targeting richer economies. But have they disappointed their home crowd? Are they forgetting their roots in Bollywood??? 

If Bollywood film industry is the kite - Men like Anil Ambhani who's holding the Strings should answer...

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Why do you come online? 4 Basic reasons explained

Why do people come online? Four basic reasons.

1. Connect
Internet provides the best place for people to meet. In different different ways. The no.1 still being Emails. And social media catching up to be no.1. Online chat, Internet calls is another way of connecting through internet.
People prefer connecting through internet becuase its inexpensive and easier than other ways. Following are amazing statistics about people connecting online

2. Enjoy
People come online to Enjoy. The basic enjoyment options are shopping and audio video media. Online shopping is cheap and very informative -
The online shopping mall - eBay's site statistics - on an average day a vehicle is sold every 2 minutes, a car part or accessory sold every 3 seconds, diamond jewelry sold every 83 seconds, and timberland shoes sold every 10 minutes. eBay brings buyers and sellers together, The company has 83 million registered users with net revenue pf $531M in Q3 2003.

Audio and video viewing needs speical technical access like ADSL. But still people are logining in to youtube and local sites like looking for entertainment.

3. Learn
News, Travelling info, Jobs, Weather, Sports and general education are the points that attract learners to Internet. My boss used to say - "Guruthuma" to google. Because google has become that "He who knows all" person we had in villages.
One of the most visited sites in Sri Lanka are (News), (Jobs) and (Sports). All of them are packed with these learn aspect.
Online classes is another great way of learning in the internet.

4. Trade
Finally people login to internet to do business. Purachasing electronic items, paying bills, making travel reservations are main trade points. The popularity of (Ads site) is because of this aspect.
Sri Lanka being a developing country - out purchasing power is less but is having a great potential to grow. You can see this by looking at massive no.of CIMA, CIM, ACCA students who pay online.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Girls have a rules book for finding Mr.Right!!!

Just came across this book for girls to find Mr.Right - First heard it when the book was satirized by How I met your mother ,season 5 - episode 17 - "Of course" (What was on the show is given below).

The book is called - "The Rules: Time-Tested Secrets for Capturing the Heart of Mr. Right" written by Ellen Fein & Sherrie Schneider. 

The book has 63 rules for girls to follow - 

01: Be a “Creature” Unlike Any Other. Be irresistable, but how?

02: Don't Talk to a Man First (and Don't Ask Him to Dance or propose marriage to him); If You Do All The chasing He Will Feel Like A Weakling For This Entire Marriage

03: Don't Stare at Men or Talk Too Much

04: Don't Meet Him Halfway or Go Dutch on a Date; Let Him Pay All Expenses For Activity

05: Do Not Call Him No Matter What & Rarely Return His Calls Unles Your Contact Timing is Impossible

06: Do not End Phone Calls and dates First; the man must lead the courtship; if he leads he is likely interested in you, and the courtthip and marriage is more likely to succeed.

07: Don't Accept a Saturday Night Date after Wednesday

08: Fill Up Your Time before the Date

09: How to Act on Dates 1,2, & 3 End the date first especially if you like him.

10: How to Act on Dates 4 through Commitment Time

11: Do not end the date first; the man is suppose to lead the courtship and take the initiative in marriage.

12: Stop Dating Him if He Doesn't Buy You a Romantic Gift for Your Birthday or Valentine's Day; Male Pride and Tradition States That He Must Pay For The Outing (date).

13: Don’t See Him More than Once or Twice a Week

14: No More than Casual (Short) Kissing on the First Date

15: Don't Rush into Sex & Other Rules for Intimacy: Why Buy The Cow When He Can Get The Milk For Free

16: Don't Tell Him What to Do

17: Let Him Take the Lead; This Would Be Better For His Pride; If You Do All The chasing And Leading He Will Feel Like A Weakling For This Entire Marriage Unless He Cannot Lead By Law and Protocol

18: Don't Expect a Man to Change or Try to Change Him

19: Don’t Open Up Too Fast; If A Man Is Persistant In Trying To Get Information It Would Be Better For The Relationship

20: Be Honest but Mysterious

21: Accentuate the Positive & Other Rules for Personal Ads

22: Don’t Live with a Man (or Leave Your Things in His Apartment)

23: Don't Date a Married Man; If You Date A Man With Another Lover, Your Relationship Is Likely To Break Up In The Future

24: Slowly Involve Him in Your Family & Other Rules for Women with Children

25: Practice, Practice, Practice! (or, Getting Good at The Rules)

26: Even if You're Engaged or Married, You Still Need The Rules

27: Do The Rules, Even when Your Friends & Parents Think It's Nuts

28: Be Smart and Other Rules for Dating in High School

29: Take Care of Yourself and Other Rules for Dating in College: Use A Beautician and Stylist To Optimize Your Looks

30: NEXT! & Other Rules for Dealing with Rejection

31: Don't Discuss The Rules with Your Therapist.

32: Don't Break The Rules! Follow The Dating Rules, Protocols and Expectations

33: Do The Rules and You’ll Live Happily Ever After!

34: Love Only Those Who Love You

35: Be Easy to Live With

36: Give Him Time To Talk and To Get Your Contact Information

37: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone: Be Visible and Available For Talk.

38: Playing Hard To Get Is A Way Of Insuring That He Is Really Committed To You And You Not Just An Impulsive Fancy Or Side Dish. When You Do Play Hard To Get, Make Sure You Leave Some Doors Open; If All Your Contact Information Changes The Relationship Is Lost

39: Men Can Handle It If You Are Dating Other Men As long If You Are Still Available For Him

40: Try To Get A Normal Body Fat Range; Older People Usualy Look Better With Normal Facial and Neck Fat. For Some Men Facial Features or Facial Beauty Is Less Imporant Than Body Shape and Profile, and Fortunately Your Weight and Profile Are More Easier To Control. Unfortunately the desire for a woman by a man is mainly physical (the shape of the profile, but not so much the face) so if you can fix the things of your body that you can change, the better for you for a man to chase you. You must make your looks at least a seven out of ten for some men, by taking care of you body and grooming.

41: Women Or Men That Live Alone Are More Likely To Succeed When She Or He Lives Alone Without Other People Getting In Between The Relationship Like a 30 Year Old Son Who Does Not Want You To Re-marry, Or A Father That Is Trying To Find Out If He Is Good Enough For you, Or Other Peoples' Feelings To Worry About.

42: When You Are Hugging Other Men, Make Sure You Are Not Too Busy To Glance in His General Direction At Least Once. If you get one to six passes a week from men, do not give the details of the flirts.

43: Some Men Know Within The First Hour Of Initial Meeting That You Are The One, but not always; If Nothing Happens After A Specific Period Of Time, Keep Looking

44: Go To Places or Clubs With People Like You If Unity Is Important To You

45: Many People Hate To Be Lied To: Try To Be Honest As You Can Be; Do Not Give Him False Leads (Flirts or Over Friendliness) If He Does Not Have A Chance Especially If It Is Your Job To Be Friendly; Is Better not To Give Any False Hopes

46: Do Not Tell Any Phoney Stories To Get Money If You Are Not Seriously Interested In Him. Do not ask for money in public; it blurs your motives and can be embarrasing.

47: Men Are Not As Sensitive As Women; Do Not Be Afraid To Ask Personal Questions That Are Important To You

48: You Are An Adult, Make Sure That The Gatekeeper (Receptionist or Father) Cannot Totally Halt His Contact Attempts With You: You Do Not Want A Third Person To Lead The Relationship; Be Reasonably Accessible.

49: For Online Dating: Once You Have Send Your First Email and He Knows That You Exist, Do Not Initiate Another Contact; Keep The First Letter Short So As To Not Sound To Eager, And Do Not Beg For Acceptance; Some Men Decide Within The First Hour Of First Sight That You Are The One Or Not.

50: The Relationship Will Develop Faster, More Intimate, More Intense (Stressfull) or More Romantic If the Man Is Allowed To Rule or Lead the Group or Relationship. For A Man To Ask A Girl For A Date To Party Is More Intense Than Receiving An Invitation To A Party From The Same Girl; Correct?

51: Some Loyalty May Be Required by The Woman

52: Do Not Propose Marriage To Him; It Is His Role To Ask; If He Does Not Do This Difficult Task On His Own, He Can Loose His Pride For the Rest Of This Marriage

53: Personal Talk Can Sometimes Be The Most Stressfull Type Of Talk; His Intensions Are Blushingly Wide Open To See; You Need To Give Him Time And Contact Information To Prepare For This, and A Little More Privacy During The Meeting

54: Overcome Your Shyness; Find Things To Say; Be Willing To Respond With Talk; Be Willing To Answer Small Talk Questions.

55: If His Committment To This Relationship Is Uncertain Or He is Dating Other Women, Do not Allow Him To Move Into Your Place.

56: Get A Hair Style That Fits Your Age; The Older, The Less You Have To Hide The Profile Or Shape Of Your Head; When You Are Over 80, Use Flat Hair That Is Dyed and Groomed.

57: Do Not Down Groom Such As Taking Off Your Make Up, Wearing over Sized Clothing, Neglecting Your Hairdo; Look Your Best, Why Not? Your Hairdo, Make Up and Dress is The Crown of A Woman; Always Choose The Best Style That Fits You.

58: Do Not Be A Tom Boy, Dress Like One Of The Boys At Work, Or Try To Become A Man; Men Probably Prefer 100% Female In A Woman. Maximize you femiity andw ear clothes that you feel you look good in and gives you confidence.

59: People are more humble, tranquil and energized when they are at home than in the work place or shopping mall; when you are both alone and at your homes, the relationship through home telephones will develop easier and faster when there is no other woman between the both you; find some ways of revealing your home telephone number, perhaps on your business card and telephone book; your telephone book (white pages) is your greatest communications tool.

60: Many people hate to be deceived: do not reveal your past skeletons like sexual relationships to soon but reveal before the marriage. Do not talk about your ex lovers (sexual relationships); keep a lid on it and hope it does not show up.

61: Do not down dress. Wear femine clothes, shoes and glasses, because these will usualy make a woman look better. Do not wear oversized clothing and funny looking clothing; but wear clothes that you feel attractive and confident in. Do not hide you best head features with a hat.

62: Do not allow a third party like a receptionist, room mate or family member to disrupt communication flows toward you; usually receptionist will not tell any information about you or relay personal messages to you; make sure any messages from men are relayed to you. Do not allow others to disrupt the chase or intimate talk that you want such as a body guard, other boyfriends, receptionists or other information about your other suiters or loves to somehow reach him.

63: Your looks are nine out of ten, but you are up against tall and curvy beauties with big blond hair and flawless lilly white skin; how do you get a man to chase you? Try this: be available for talk, do not look down all the time but look around and briefly glance in the general direction of the men. The usuall tactic is just to give him enough love, attention, assistance (sugar) and give him desire for you, and then when he starts to chase you go into the play hard to get act very carefully. You do not want to appear desparate and also appear to be unavailable as a sweetheart. Remember, you can only play hard to get when he has your contact information, so do not appear too snobby (unavailable, rude) at the very first chat meeting when he attempts to get your contact information. Thus you mainly need three things for a single man to chase you: the bait, invoking desire for you in him, the opportunity. The bait is giving him just enough love, attention and assistance until you sense he is interested in you and then you play hard to get but play not to the point where the relationship stops. Opportunity is simply giving him the opportunity to reach you. Invoking physical desire for you in him can be simply done by wearing perfume, briefly showing you calves, or you back figure, etecera in close proximity to him. A man can be aroused by a woman when she appears to show interest in him, personally. This may work if he not looking for a particular type of woman or does not have a particular dream girl in mind.

TV show had the author of such a book called "Of course you are still single, take a look at yourself - Dumb slut"...LOL trying to teach a lesson to a guy ending up offering him everything.

Guys - Disgusting isn't it ??? (ERAWEB!!!)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Interesting statistics - Sri Lanka male/female ratios by age

One of my closest friends from Uni.of Mora (Chick indeed...LOL) is bringing in an argument that bro/chick ratio of an entity is effected by the Sri Lanka Male/Female ratio.

Dude - This is ridiculous. They are totally different because bro.s and chicks are a different age segment. You can understand it by the names - bro.s and chick. You don't call chick to your 4 year old sister and you dont call chick to the 80 year old granny. You do not call bro to your 60 year old professor...LOL

Now if you analyse the statistics of ages 15-30 the ratio is like 50:50 proving that bro/chick ratio is independent of the Male/Female ratio in the country. 

I've drawn lines so you can estimate the populations. They are

So the final ratio is like 50.5:49.5 which gives a totally different idea to 49:51 total population ratio. This depicts that Bro/chick ratio is independent of the Total population male/female ratio. 

Ms.Harini Sirisena - I welcome you to the "comment" stage (I bow down like at the end of some Shakes drama & leave the stage...LOL)

N.B (Like old times...LOL)- I really posted the previous for fun - But the feedback was really serious & cool. (Im sorry my friend from a different UNI who wanted me to update his UNI bro/chick ratio - I will do). Plus the research learning from this one was superb. - Thnx everyone who commented and gave feedback.

Monday, September 13, 2010

How to upload photos to Facebook faster

I was on a trip when my czn complained about uploading photos to Facebook taking ages. I thought of writing this to help all ppl like that. 

When you talk to not-so-hi-tech friends you feel like how much sharing a small thing you know can help their life in the internet. Have seen many ppl with a hi-fi digital camera, struggling to upload their photos to Facebook. The reason is that good digital cameras produce photos with very heavy sizes like 2MB-5MB.

Come on bro. Whats wrong with 5MB photos?
Just right click on a Photo in Facebook and click on "save as" and go to the properties of the saved image and see the size - its only like 40-50KB. So why would you need to upload a file of 5MB if it finally gets reduced to 50KB. (The size indicates how much detailed the picture is - For e.g.a 5MB file can show a pimple on your face on full screen but a 50KB file will show it as a small dot - NOW DONT GO AND SQUEEZE YOUR PIMPLE. - What??? OK. YOU DO NOT HAVE 

Why would heavy files take like ages to upload?
Lets say you have ADSL - then your internet connection can transfer about 200KB per second. (yes SLT will say 512KB/per second - but actually it is slow bcz dr r too many users sharing it - JUST LIKE ALL GOVT.
To upload a 5MB photo you need abt 30 seconds.
To upload an album of 30 photos you need 15 minutes.
But to upload 30 photos of 50KB - you need only like 10 seconds.

What you have to do is to compress the photos to an appropriate size while keeping the quality. Here are the steps - I recommend every one to try this out at least once so you can save time whenever you upload photos. Follow the written steps - look at screen shots only to find where the clicks are.

1.  Copy all the photos you want to upload to a separate folder.
If the photos are in a folder - You can do this by pressing CTRL and dragging the folder.
Why do this - You need to backup your photos before reducing size. Because once they are  reduced it will not be suitable for printing and other purposes.

2. Open one photo with Office picture Manager.
Right click on one photo and click on - open with Microsoft office picture manager.

3. Go to edit pictures box
With this you can edit photos like compressing, cropping,changing brightness, rotating..etc.

4.Select all pictures.
Click on thumbnail view and click on CTRL+A or edit-select all option.

5. Go to compress pictures option

6. Select compression size.
There are four options available.
1. Document size - Reduced to about 200-300KB.
2. Web size - Reduces to about 50-70KB
3. Email size - Reduce to about 5-10KB.

To upload to FB i recommend document size because it keeps quality high. But if you want faster uploading and less internet bill - use web size. One of my recent albums are from web size and they look absolutely fine.

7. Click on "OK"

8. Click on File-Save all

9. Upload to FB


1. Thnx ayya - for the nice flower photos taken at Adisham Bungalow - ive used them to demonstrate - bcz using our faces will drive the focus away...LOL
2. It wont upload in seconds but will be faster.

Please post your questions by commenting here - so we can all learn here. Or FB msg or email me at - for any clarifications.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

New committee boy/girl ratio problem explained with examples

The problem came after the 7:1 boy/girl ratio was tested to be biased. boy/girl ratio is a phenomenon commonly known as the bro/chick ratio. It is explained below with examples.

Definition : The bro/chick ratio is the ratio of no.of bro.s to the no.of chicks present at any given point (x,y,z) at any given time (t).

The important points (x,y,z)

1. In a Party 
If you are planning a party, planning to go for a party, inviting your bro.s for a party – this is the most important of all. Is fully explained by Bro code article no. 56

56) A Bro is required to alert another Bro if the Bro/chick Ratio at a party falls below 1:1. However, to avoid Bro-flation, a Bro is only allowed to alert one Bro. Further, a Bro may not speculate on the anticipated Bro/Chick Ratio of a party or venue without first disclosing the present-time observed ratio. 

2. In a University
I remember what my good friend from MORA has told me – “I go out of on Saturdays and Sundays to look at girls outside UNI to make sure MORA girls don’t look pretty.”…LOL. The quality and quantity are both at a LCL (lowest quality limit) at MORA.

I have plotted chick/bro. ratio instead of bro/chick ratio (Now dnt start abt misuse of statistics)

3. In a University student society
Well – this is the total reason for this posting. The ratio should not look biased but seriosly it has an affect on the functioning of the society.

Here's a pie chart of time spent on society activities of two societies.

Good luck new committee!!!

4. In a corporate office
In an office the bro/chick ratio should be maintained at the maximum level to meet govt. standards and public good will and at a minimum level to keep office efficiency.

Refer to the chart below describing bro/chick ratio vs. office efficiency

Disclaimer : Bro.s whatever said and done - girls are important to any community. Look at MORA... Equality of sexes should be maintained in our society, office, UNI everywhere and according to the research paper  Sex Preference in South Asia: Sri Lanka an Outlier - by By A.T.P.L. Abeykoon - Sri Lanka is having a very positive outlook on this aspect.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Be careful of what you post on FB, Twitter..etc - Pietersen fined over Twitter outburst

Last month only I asked one of my friends to delete the "I hate office" Facebook status. That time you didn't take it seriously - Read below from Reuters.  

Kevin Pietersen was fined on Monday following his online outburst after being dropped by England for the first time in his career.

 “He has been fined an undisclosed sum in accordance with the terms and conditions of his England Central Contract,” the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) said in a statement.

 The 30-year-old batsman posted a Twitter message last Tuesday announcing that he had been dropped for the one-day series at home to Pakistan. The message contained an expletive.

 Pietersen's punishment was decided after an ECB disciplinary hearing at Lord's convened by Hugh Morris, Managing Director of England Cricket and England team director Andy Flower.

 “The hearing considered two charges against Kevin Pietersen relating to recent comments made on Twitter following his omission from England's one-day squad for the series against Pakistan,” the statement said.

 “Pietersen pleaded guilty to both charges and offered an unreserved apology to ECB and the England team management for his actions.” The former England captain apologised publicly last Wednesday, insisting on Surrey TV that his comments “had not been for the public domain”.

 The ECB said Pietersen had been dropped so that he could regain some form with county side Surrey after a run of disappointing scores.  (Reuters) 

Other Factors effecting consumer behaviour online

We have so far discussed 2 main factors effecting consumer behaviour online. Let's discuss the rest.

3. Legal context
There are numerous laws that overrule consumers in the internet. They range from privacy laws, data security laws, Trademark laws, patents..etc. Their buying patern on a web site maybe effected by them.
For e.g. which was very famous for downloading music - had less amount of hits after Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) sued thousands of illegal consumers. But it saw many consumers getting used to legal purchasing of music through iTunes concept of apple computers.

Police raiding of 4 shops in Unity Plaza - Bamabalapitiya in 2008 - Afterwards there was a huge increase in software sales in the country.

4. Individual Differences
Consumers vary by Age, sex, income, education, location and various others ways.
For e.g.
  • Adults make just as many calls, but text less often than teens.
  • Internet user population is 60% Teens and 40% Adults -But Latest research - Older adults using social networks nearly doubled in the past year (
  • Online shoppers are more price oriented
  • Males use more internet than females
Following table shows American Internet accessibility data (because others countries are not readily available)
When developing consumer websites all these differences has to be addressed. The way to address will be discusssed in the later posts on online market segmentation.