Thursday, September 9, 2010

New committee boy/girl ratio problem explained with examples

The problem came after the 7:1 boy/girl ratio was tested to be biased. boy/girl ratio is a phenomenon commonly known as the bro/chick ratio. It is explained below with examples.

Definition : The bro/chick ratio is the ratio of no.of bro.s to the no.of chicks present at any given point (x,y,z) at any given time (t).

The important points (x,y,z)

1. In a Party 
If you are planning a party, planning to go for a party, inviting your bro.s for a party – this is the most important of all. Is fully explained by Bro code article no. 56

56) A Bro is required to alert another Bro if the Bro/chick Ratio at a party falls below 1:1. However, to avoid Bro-flation, a Bro is only allowed to alert one Bro. Further, a Bro may not speculate on the anticipated Bro/Chick Ratio of a party or venue without first disclosing the present-time observed ratio. 

2. In a University
I remember what my good friend from MORA has told me – “I go out of on Saturdays and Sundays to look at girls outside UNI to make sure MORA girls don’t look pretty.”…LOL. The quality and quantity are both at a LCL (lowest quality limit) at MORA.

I have plotted chick/bro. ratio instead of bro/chick ratio (Now dnt start abt misuse of statistics)

3. In a University student society
Well – this is the total reason for this posting. The ratio should not look biased but seriosly it has an affect on the functioning of the society.

Here's a pie chart of time spent on society activities of two societies.

Good luck new committee!!!

4. In a corporate office
In an office the bro/chick ratio should be maintained at the maximum level to meet govt. standards and public good will and at a minimum level to keep office efficiency.

Refer to the chart below describing bro/chick ratio vs. office efficiency

Disclaimer : Bro.s whatever said and done - girls are important to any community. Look at MORA... Equality of sexes should be maintained in our society, office, UNI everywhere and according to the research paper  Sex Preference in South Asia: Sri Lanka an Outlier - by By A.T.P.L. Abeykoon - Sri Lanka is having a very positive outlook on this aspect.

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