Sunday, October 17, 2010

Courtney Cox - David Arquette drama : Can younger guy marriages work???

Having grown up with FRIENDS still regarded one of the best TV shows ever - It was news for us.

Courtney and her husband David has separated while keeping good will and business partnerships. They have a child of 7 year old (Whose god mother is Jeniffer Aniston, a.k.a Rachel Green in Friends). Reports says that they discussed it with the kid on an outing saying "Adults need to separate sometimes..etc".

I heard from my good friend that Her husband was anyway 7 years younger and they had many problems. Even it was news for him that they separated. David has told media that Courtney was like his mom and many other private stuff between them. Apparently he's hooked up with Jasmine Waltz - a waitress shortly after separation.

So guys and girls, question over to you? Can marriages with younger guy really work???

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