Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lies you shouldn't fall for

1.       We'll be together forever

2.       You're the best I ever had

3.       You don't look fat in that...

4.       I gave her a ride home cuz I felt bad

5.       I'm on the pill..

6.       She's just a friend, it was just a kiss!

7.       I left my wallet in my other pants

8.       Call me later, I will give u my answer! (you call her and it says "the number you've called is no longer in service)

9.       I been thinking about you ALL DAY!

10.   We're separated, the marriage was over along time ago

11.   I was looking for someone like you

12.   What do you mean? That's always been there.

13.  I'l be there in 5 minutes

14.   baby, i wont do it again...

15.   I'm on my way I got pulled over!

16.   I'm STILL a virgin.

17.   "Can i see your phone?"... "No" ..."Why?" "Theres nothing it it"...

18.   What really had happened was...

19.   She stayed the night but nothing happened

20.   Ill do whatever u want me to do baby

21.   Oh, him? Nah He's just a friend in Facebook, I ainn messin with him

22.   Imma call you RIGHT back

23.   This is NOT A TEST

24.   Miss!I left my homework in the study table

25.   I'm about to handle somethin real quick I'll be back

26.   Promise me we are going to be friends no matter what

27.   I left her cuz i met u!

28.   I don't know what I would do in this big wide world without you!

29.   He's just my friend.

30.   No thanx... im not hungry

31.   Umm of course I pulled out in time....

32.   Yea i cheated on her for you but id never cheat on u girl

33.   That was my real hair..but i had to cut it

34.   Im ready for a serious relationship

35. I love you (Watch the video)

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