Monday, November 8, 2010

Who is Sean Paul?

Hearing all the fuss about Sean Paul coming to Sri Lanka. (Concert details given at the end). Many, specially the really youngsters do not even know Sean Paul. So I'm publishing some articles to introduce Sean Paul and his Grammy winning work.

I remember back in 2002-2003 there was this catchy RnB hit - Just Gimme the light. it sounded a little Regee and a little black American. The singer was told to be Sean Paul. That was the start of a legend. Given below is just gimme the light video -

< Sean Paul at the Music Video Awards

Sean Paul was born back in 1973 in Jamaica. he had been a National Water Polo player from 13 to 20. Then he has given up Water polo to become a full time artist. (I cant imagine our water polo players becoming great singers though - No offence Suppa).

Sean Paul first appeared as a rapper in the film "Belly" along side DMX (DMX sings X gonna give it to ya). His first success was Just gimme the light given above. It became the US Billboard Hot singles chart topper.

His collaborations with Beyonce and Blu Cantrell accounted for the success followed with Baby Boy and Breathe. I can still remember how these two were chart toppers those days.

Next post I will give more Sean Paul music and videos. Following is the concert where you can catch it all -

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