Saturday, July 17, 2010

Jewellery shops serve soft drinks to clients!!!

Being the best man : It started!!!

Today i was having my first day of really preparing and helping them out for their big day. Ayya and akka (The groom and the bride) picked me up from University of Colombo.>

To go straight to Vogue Jewellers - Nugegoda. They had something to be adjusted. And the cool thing is that they serve SMAK  (-A soft drink - I wish Dimuthu Ponnamperuma could comment on this at Vogue to customers.

Well - As i heard its served only to the customers that really brought something. Depending on the time someone spends and the piles of money spent to buy,its a worth investment by the business. A little bit of googling showed me that its a common practice in "expensive product" shops like jewellery, furniture...etc.

I have experience in getting a drink from a hotel when we went to book it for a function(With Shammi, Mihiraka and Sulakshana - When we went all the way to Wadduwa in sea belt looking for a Hotel for NATCON 2009) . But for a Hotel it's ok becuase their business is serving people. Your ideas, specially marketing, PR, branding  experts is valued!!!

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