Sunday, July 18, 2010

How quick are you at business decisions?

I was going with my cousin bro. looking for coats for bestmen to rent for his wedding. Apparently we learnt that we should get 2 button coats so the waist-coat is visible. We looked in Nugegoda and then remembered that there was a place in Mt. where we go for beach every weekend. We drove to Mt. it was close and were coming back to Wijerama where i had to attend a party.

On the way in Bellanwila there's a junction with traffic lights and it was red and my bro. stopped. On the same side of the road was a tailor shop with some coats hanging. My brother showed me that and said quickly check, if they dont have 2 buttons for rent come back soon before green, I ran from the car to the shop. There was one guy and following is the conversation

Me : Do you rent coats?
Shop guy : [Takes a good look at me] For whom?
Me : For me
Shop guy : For what occasion?
Me : For a wedding.
Shop guy : Whose wedding?
Shop guy : Ok. We have. Take a look.
Me : Do you have 2 buttons.
Shop guy : No only three button ones.
Me : Ok. Thanks.

And i got back before green light. My brother said that the man came out to see where im going. Sometimes business is very quick. You need to give quick information to your clients protecting integrity. With just two information i took a decision of withdrawal - "No two button coats"!!!

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