Monday, August 2, 2010

Medical Jokes by Dr.Solith Senanayake #01

When i hear great quotes ,sayings I used say - "This is totally going in my blog" - and said it in a wrong place. i.e. When Solith (Im sorry - it shud be Dr.Solith) was putting some Medical jokes to impress ......(well lets leave it for now).

So one joke is about a fresh Medical student on the first day at training. An old woman is walking with support. He has gone to ask - Granny - if its hard to carry it give it to me...

More of Dr.Solith coming on your way. Im doing this as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) of my blog as a service to Solith who is illiterate of blogging (But highly literate in chatting)...lolz

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