Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nobody complaints about NOLIMIT, But about ODEL???

"Consumers will complaint about the quality of the high-end brand and will say they are happy with some medium brand."
Nadheera's theory of high-end brands

[Origin] On our way back from Horton Plains, Madhu was telling me her bad experiences of my college students. And she said - "Im ok with Anandians" which brought out the best metaphor i have ever ever created.

I said - Everybody goes shopping to NOLIMIT. Its not too expensive, its not too cheap. The goods are not soo quality, yet not pavement-bad quality. Nobody complaints about NOLIMIT like you do not complain about Anadians. Royalists are like ODEL - high end brand. Expensive, yet high quality. Sometimes its the same quality - But you are proud to go and say - "Its from ODEL".

Shash (Musaeuist) was really furious at hearing something Royal...lolz and said nowadays ODEL has cheaper stuff. Same like Royal has few different cases.

But i was thinking that this situation is the same with many brands. Nomatter whether its is NOLIMIT-ODEL or ANANDA-ROYAL or ANCHOR-NESTAMALT, high end brand is publicly hated by everyone...What do you think Marketing experts???

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