Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sri Lanka - wonder of Asia in 2013/14 - From Dr.P.B.Jayasundara's words

Dr P B Jayasundera is the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Secretary to the Treasury and Secretary to the Ministry of Economic Development; three powerful institutions that determine the direction of the Sri Lankan economy.

The ending of Dr.P.B.Jayasundara's interview with Business Today magazine was truly inspiring and i thought of posting it on my blog - for those who never touch Business Today magazine...lol

From - http://www.businesstoday.lk/article.php?article=2750

The last question was :
And, finally in your assessment how long will it be before Sri Lanka becomes the Wonder of Asia?

Answer :

Well, this is a quite exhaustive interview. It is almost four hours. Just let me conclude and give you a very brief response. By 2013/14, Sri Lanka will have its first Expressway connecting two Airports. One at Katunayake and the other at Mattala (South). By that time, two large international Ports - one at Colombo and the other at Hambantota will be operational. A9 Highway and KKS and Kataragama railway connections will be completed and at least four new resorts will add a new dimension to tourism. The Remittance Economy driven by Sri Lankan skills and professionals will reach eight billion dollars. Stronger rural economy, food security and clean energy economy will surface by 2013/14. All these will begin to show emergence of a new economy in Asia - that will be Sri Lanka. So let's work harder. It is not that far.

So lets work harder - its not that far...Truly inspiring...Specially when you look below...

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