Thursday, August 5, 2010

In 1993 - Cambodia - the first country to have more mobile subscribers than fixed line subscriber!!! How and why?

I'm reading E-Marketing by Judy Strauss ( oh come on bros - im not paid by Amazon to E-market the book...lolz. Just wanted you to feel the book.

The 4th Chapter is about global markets and there are really interesting stories. Look at this -

Cambodia is the first ever country to surpass the no.of mobile subscribers by the no.of fixed line subscribers. The reason is given below :

There was a civil unrest in Cambodia like in Sri Lanka. ( The party - Khemer Rouge had planted lots of landmines thru out the country. Once dust was settled in 1991 by a UN peace effort economy was settling. Still there were 4-6 million land mines in the ground.

So digging up the ground to lay telephone cables was too risky and mobile telephony offered a better solution. Along with green light for free market and lot of investments - mobile phones surpassed no.of fixed lines within an year.

The Moral  (What you can learn is) - Whether you are an E-Marketer, Businessmen, accountant, doctor, engineer, cricketer or even a DJ - knowing HISTORY is key!!!

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