Saturday, August 28, 2010

19th Century Sri Lankan Proverbs

On my way to dinner at my uncles place. Reminded me of some of the saying he has told us.

1. "If you have lived in Batakettara* (A village in Piliyandala) you can live in any village in Sri Lanka"
Batakettara* - A village in Piliyandala.
Batakettara Happens to be our neighbouring village where every village event ended up in a fight, knife incident, murder...etc.

2. If you have driven a vehicle in Moratumulla* you can drive in any road in Sri Lanka"
*Moratumulla - A village in Moratuwa. 
Moratumulla people has been very indisciplened in road and it has been really hard to drive without an accident in Moratumulla. Worst is if you bang - the reaction you get from the flock of people.

I think this wasnt like that before 19s and its surely not this bad now. So it belongs to mid 19s - 1950-1990 era - Thats why i called it 19s.

If you know more sutff liek this - pls comment here. And please tell any places to find more proverbs - Bcz i think they aren't documented...

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